Circle SideBar

Circle Sidebar – Android experience enhancement app, provides facility to multitask anywhere, anytime.

It is fast and highly customizable. Users can easily customize the way it works and the content it contains. It runs in the background and can be easily accessed from any screen with the swipe of your finger. The user can even configure it to start at boot.


1. Simple Controls – All settings are provided on the main screen with a description of each function to better understand and avoid confusion.

2. Fully customizable with its method of operation. You are offered options to move the width, height, and position. The user can easily adjust it for their convenience.

3. Include favorite applications: users have full access to all applications installed on the phone. At any time, the user can choose which applications to show in the sidebar.

4. Haptic feedback is provided to give a response to the user as confirmation of the contact request in the sidebar.

5. The option to apply custom icon packs is included. Install any icon pack from the store and select it from the circular sidebar.

6. An option to resize the icons is also available.

7. After the second update, an option was included to add shortcuts at the user’s request. (Pro function)

8. App icons and menu are fully customizable – choose icons from different icon pack sets or use your own custom image.

9. Based on user requests, app blacklist option (Pro feature) is included. The sidebar disappears automatically in selected applications.

10. The timeout of the circuit sidebar can be configured after the third update.

11. Enable / disable infinite scrolling according to user preference.

12. More features to come 🙂

Last update:

* Fixed most reported issue: tap outside the sidebar is now not logged in the background.
* Fixed an issue where the background service was closed.
* Fix playback problem when touching. (Previously only worked with Tap)
* Added option to set sidebar timeout.
* Added option to disable infinite scrolling.
* Added option to configure blacklist apps. (Professional function) (Sidebar will automatically disappear in selected apps)

More advantages:
* Now supports to enable lock screen.
* Blacklist-based device orientation has been added.

Quick settings added:
Now you can configure a second circuit for quick settings. You can set it to infinite scrolling with all the quick settings or you can limit the preferred settings.

– Added quick settings are:
1. Toggle Wi-Fi.
2. Toggle Bluetooth.
3. Screen rotation.
4. Flash light switch.
5. Change planes.
6. Brightness adjustment.
7. Volume control (supports both multimedia volumes and ringtones)
8. Music control: play / pause
9. Music control: play next / previous track
10. Access point change (change may be a bit slow on some devices)
11. Toggle location services.
12. Ring mode (General / Vibrate / Silent)
13. More to come … Leave your suggestions by email.

Required permissions:
Storage: required to include shortcuts to a file in the device storage or to generate an icon.
CALL – Required for direct dial direct access to any specified number.

Use the Reports section of the application to interact directly with the developer via email.
Any comments, suggestions and bug reports are highly appreciated.
If you like the app, please share it with friends and family and leave a review on the Play Store.

All major updates posted are based on user requests and suggestions, feel free to email me at any time!


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